Innovating In Mapmaking For Over 25 Years.

You Discover More Because We Cover More.

We offer navigable maps for 135 countries and 25 territories, covering over 52 million km of roads globally. TomTom Maps provides you with the best location content and services. From map data to map-as-a-service. From 2D to 3D. From landmarks to cities to the great outdoors. With TomTom, you'll see the world at a glance  locally or globally.


It’s All In The Details.

We provide you with up-to-date accuracy and the detail you need, whether you're looking for features like oceans, mountains, and parks or want to identify one-way streets, speed limits, height and weight restrictions, or simply street names and individual house numbers. It all starts with our Standard Definition Map, which is essentially a digital map of the world. On the Standard Definition Maps, we continually build up layers of accurate information to support any use case or feature, including points of interest, 3D buildings, lanes, junctions and signage  all layered beautifully. 


Smarter Maps For Smarter Mobility.

High Definition Maps combined with TomTom’s patented RoadDNA technology deliver a highly optimized, 3D lateral and longitudinal view of the roadway. A  vehicle can correlate Road DNA data with data obtained by its own sensors in its real-time environment to know precisely where it is located on the road––even at high speeds and encountering changes along the way. All of this detailed data is compressed into a small data footprint, resulting in super high-resolution roads with precise vehicle positioning that is a must for use cases such as autonomous driving.


Detailed. Accurate. Global.

Address points content uniquely pinpoints residential, business and public postal addresses with a high level of detail, accuracy, and coverage. TomTom’s address points portfolio supports multiple address schemes even within the same country in multiple languages. We designate the location of the address as well as the entrance points so we can provide accurate geocoding and guidance for whatever your needs.


Know Your Boundaries As Well As We Do.

From over a hundred countries in the world to your local neighborhood, TomTom has it mapped. With highly detailed and accurate boundaries of both municipal and administrative geographic divisions, we support the highest quality of geocoding. Robust enough to support the most demanding applications, the functionality of our Standard Definition Maps product provides both point and boundary representations of municipal and administrative districts down to the most detailed level available. Local or global, TomTom knows boundaries so you can.


From Useful To Interesting, You’ll Always Get The Point.

Eat. Sleep. Shop. Sightsee. Fuel up. Our global database of millions of POIs combines precise detail with exceptionally broad coverage, accurate data, and will connect you to what’s interesting, useful, and worth knowing.


There And Back, Safely And On Time, Is In Your Hands.

Our Logistics product has extensive global coverage and is a powerful component to many commercial vehicle solutions. Specifically designed for trucks and other road-restricted vehicles, Logistics provides the content that allows you to safely navigate your fleet, avoiding both physical and legal restrictions ranging from hazardous materials prohibitions to low-height bridges. Combined with TomTom's Standard Definition map, this product goes the extra distance to support on-time, efficient and safe truck routing.


You Live In 3D. Now, So Can Your Maps.

From basic 2D footprints to 3D Landmarks and Landmark icons, our maps come to life via TomTom's truly remarkable visual treatments. By combining multiple technologies, including areal imagery and laser, we deliver detailed 3D models, which provide more insight than traditional models. As a result, noteworthy structures and monuments become instantly recognizable  by their silhouettes, architectural style, and historic nature, greatly enhancing user orientation while contributing to the map's rich visual appeal with levels of detail from basic to highly textured. Being able to visualize the route to a destination in detail is just one element in the complete visualization data eco-system offered by TomTom.

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See Our APIs In Action

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