1.2 Billion Vehicles On The Road Today. 2 Billion By 2035. Let's Talk Traffic.

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Traffic is a study in constant change with the number of cars and congestion increasing daily. At TomTom, we have made it our mission to continuously create innovative traffic solutions to get everyone where they need to be faster, more reliably, on time and safely. We collect highly granular speed and bottleneck traffic information for nearly every stretch of road making it possible to access an aggregation of actual driven travel times and speeds for any moment down to the day and time  historical and real-time. We focus on the details to ensure quality and reliability so our partners can focus on their goals.


Quality And Precision You Can Trust.

With our Traffic Flow product, roads are continuously monitored to determine the average speed of vehicles on each stretch of road whether congested or free flow, satisfying the needs of a wide range of users including road authorities, construction companies, navigation applications, and logistic companies. Using a proprietary data fusion method, TomTom can efficiently process these large data sets and instantly transmit the results of interest to our business partners. Users can be confident in receiving the freshest and most accurate traffic and travel information over the greatest number of roads wherever Traffic Flow is available.


Up-To-The-Minute View Of Traffic.

The number of vehicles on the road network is increasing, congestion is building and travel times are lengthening. By incorporating TomTom's Traffic Incidents product into a navigation solution, drivers can determine the quickest route to their destination by considering "live" road conditions. This product includes road delays allowing routing programs to evaluate the true travel time to each destination. It also allows you to get an up-to-the-minute view of traffic. Get regular traffic updates of delays and incidents that are affecting normal travel times.


Intelligent Data For Optimal Routing.

TomTom's Speed Profile product allows users to accurately predict their travel times and choose an alternative route or time of travel, when necessary. This product factors in road congestion due to the volume of vehicles, traffic lights, rotaries, steep slopes, and speed bumps. This data is derived by aggregating and processing trillions of anonymous GPS measurements from millions of devices that reflect actual driving patterns around the world. This data helps determine realistic average roadway speeds for every day of the week and all times of the day.


If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Improve it.

Our extensive and detailed historical traffic data combined with our live feeds make it easy for cities, road authorities and their partners to perform analysis on the road segments of their choice. Our full suite of traffic data and tools allow you to monitor traffic, identify bottlenecks and analyze them. You can assess the impact of changes and use our data in your models and even influence traffic by better informing road users through our tools. Whatever your need, our traffic data gives you the pulse of the road.


Quick. Easy. Customizable.

Custom Travel Times and Custom Area Analysis are both popular historical traffic products from TomTom and are both available either through Traffic Stats, our self-service web portal or via our Online Traffic API. These reports are created using the data from TomTom's collection of anonymous journeys made up of trillions of data points with billions of new records being added daily. Both interfaces ensure that the user can easily specify a customized query for a specific area, specific days and the time periods in that date range that are of interest. The results are computed and a report is made available to view on the portal or to download using the API in multiple formats within just a few minutes.


Time Is Money – And We’ll Help You Save It.

TomTom's parking, weather, fuel, and EV charging services help you save both time and money. Our parking service enables you to find an available spot faster regardless if you prefer either off street parking lots or on street parking, while our fuel and EV charging station services help bring convenience and savings to everyone along their route. Our tabular weather services inform you on the conditions at your destination ahead of time and if you want more detail about potentially severe weather, our advanced weather service provides you with in-depth real-time information. With TomTom, drive safely and drive relaxed, no matter what the situation is.

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